Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Have Been Tagged!

I haven't been tagged in months, but this is the first tag I will actually be able to do. I wasn't very tech-savvy back then, but I think I have improved since then :P I have been tagged by the wonderful Daughter of the King, her blog is one of my favorites so do give her a visit.

So here we go:

Books I've read recently...
1. The Bible (it's my first time reading it in its entirety, I just need to finish the OT from Joshua onward haha)
2. Anna Karenina (I'm still finishing this one)
3. The Duggar's book, 20 & Counting I think it's called?
4. Watchmen (it was for a Comp class, but it was good!)
5. Le Petit Prince in French
6. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (ok I haven't fully read this prevents me from having my own reading time!! lol)
7. The Other Side of Silence
8. continually reading the Catechism

Songs or albums I listen to all the time...
1. Both Taylor Swift albums
2. While I'm Waiting by John Waller
3. Glee soundtrack
4. Lots of Hall & Oats
5. Your Song by Elton John
6. Revelation Song by Kari Job
7. You are Holy (Prince of Peace)
8. Wonderwall by Oasis

Things I love...
1. Prayer/meditation/rosary
2. My electric kettle (essential for tea drinking college kids!)
3. Eating
4. My jewelry collection
5. My 19 Kids & Countings dvds (but ya'll know that :D)
6. The library here on home away from home: peaceful & air conditioned
7. The Our Lady of Ostrabrama icon I ordered
8. My puppies!

Things I've learned this year...
1. Living with a room mate, even one you love, is a daily challenge, but it forces you to have charity, mercy, and patience with others & can be a great blessing in disguise
2. That being a Christian in college can be incredibly difficult and that it is very important to search for like-minded friends to encourage your walk.
3. Sleep is secondary to study (ha!)
4. Separation makes the heart grow fonder (is that how it goes? anyways, I miss my mom! haha)
5. That I cannot control my life...whether it comes to my career or my future spouse or my walk in general...and that I need to surrender my trust to Him and let go
6. That dried cherries are awesome in plain oatmeal (w/ a little syrup of course!)
7. That being shy is not helping me any and I need to open up and let people in: what's there to be afraid of!? Nothing! :)
8. That the Eucharist is essential in starting my week and I should make the effort to receive it more than just on Sunday. And simultaneously, confession is super necessary at fighting sin & temptation and restoring oneself to God! Make it a weekly habit!

New Recipes I Want to Try and Make...
1. Veggie Burgers (I didn't like the last recipe I tried too much)
2. More Indian recipes! The dal was a hit so anything involving garam masala, curry, and lentils is ok in my book :D
3. Pumpkin bread for the fall (there was a pumpkin shortage last year and never got to make it)
4. Golabki: polish meat & cabbage concoction my Gram makes
5. my own sushi rolls (sans raw fish)
6. Homemade chili (I'm big on beans/legumes!)
7. Homemade hummus
8. Ginger bread house (never made one, but ma mere got the recipe from a magazine...must try this winter!)

Favorite Online Hangouts...
1. Blogger
2. Facebook
3. Hotmail/school mail
5. (shut up I know I have a problem! haha)
7. Youtube
8. and then for any research/questions/interests I may have!

Projects I need to work on...
1. My Mongol Invasion of Russian power point *eek*
2. Finishing my Bible and the other 8 million books I start and never finish
3. Finishing crocheting my scarf...*sigh*
4. My "go green" project...I'm failing over here, buying water bottles and not using a brita!
5. Painting my family room
6. Well this isn't technically a project...but learning to drive longer distances...haha
7. This blog...I need to be more dedicated to it/brainstorm ideas.
8. My mini garden & future vegetable garden...project still in the works!

Other people I think should do this...
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Daughter of the King said...

I love 'The Little Prince!' I have an old copy in English though.....from 1943 I believe. It is a lovely old copy and I so cherish it to pieces!

Big Kari Jobe fan much so that I just bought 2 of her songs to learn on piano, 'My Beloved' & 'You Are For Me.'

I can testify that INDEED separation from loved ones DOES make the heart grow FONDER. :)

I forgot all about pumpkin bread...will have to make some this Autumn. Thanks for reminding me of that loaf of deliciousness! lol

Many blessings, and thanks for the sweet words about me!

caraboska said...

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

I have done my 'questionnaire' and posted it on my blog :) Thank you for thinking of me.

May God bless and keep us all

Charisms on Campus said...

aw thank you Sarah :) I'm glad you tagged me/enjoyed my response. Your blog is such a blessing!

I think I'm going to be posting fall recipes that i enjoy...which won't be too often because I don't have a real kitchen at school, but yeah. I'll tell you have the pumpkin bread goes ;)

Thanks Cara! Can't wait to check it out :)

MissFifi said...

We have the Little Prince in French and my hubby read it. I need to give it a whirl, but my french is rusty.

I have some great Indian recipes if you would like to try some and I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of breads and use Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day. Check their site out and the book.

Will do questionnaire over weekend!