Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lady Gaga and the Lost

I'm sure many of you are aware of the latest Lady Gaga music video, in which the outlandish starlet dressed in a "sexy" nun habit, swallowed a rosary, gets raped by a homosexual, wears a cross over her reproductive parts, and dances seductively in front of a cross. She recently told Larry King that she's been "confused" about religion...and I suppose we need to believe her as she obviously has no inkling of the blasphemous statements she is making.

She's not only confused herself, she is confusing others with this stunt. My own mother was mocking Katy Perry's backlash that Gaga was immature for using religion in her video in such a disrespectful way...and boy was I angry. I was like "Mom! this is our faith she is spitting on! and you're defending her?" And then I could see her puzzled expression rethinking her attitude. This monster of a singer is sending horrific messages to young girls to not only mock the Catholic Church and abandon her teachings on sexuality, but she is also desensitizing them to rape, the most violent of acts.

I am so enraged with this music video for so many reasons, and maybe it's a waste of my time to even post about it, but when is the world going to WAKE UP and see how low we've gotten? That this type of display is now acceptable? While reading through the video's comments, I saw an argument between two people. The defense of Gaga was that the world should see how oppressive the Church is to nuns and women...that our sexuality is being suppressed and we have every right to backlash and retake what is "ours".

This then made me realize the world simply doesn't understand us. (Duh! haha I always knew this, but...yeah) The reason we do not sleep around is to respect our bodies...our temples...that God has lent us. We save ourselves to glorify Him...we are not forced to fasten a chastity belt on and mope around wanting sex so desperately. Of course we have desires, but we're not oppressed! I hate having that my choice is not my own and that people feel BAD for me and try to coax me out and let me know "it's ok to have sex before marriage, cmon it's normal!"

We have a duty as Christians to spread God's word and be the best examples of Christ we can so that non-believers will come to faith. I pray for Europe and "the lost" among us every day, but I know the biggest change has to come from us with the help of the Holy Spirit. So if I were to come across someone intrigued in the faith, but put off by my abstinence (which is 90% of those I come across in college... *sigh*) how can I explain the beauty of the choice rather than the "down side"?

Seeing as those who have no faith won't "get" the "because I love God and He wants me to" side of the choice, I thought about the other reasons why we don't parade around like Lady gaga, abusing our bodies.

So here is why we Catholics, and other religious, do not feel oppressed Lady Gaga:
(take a few pointers, maybe you'll be less confused!)

1. Firstly, abstinence reinforces our worth, it makes me feel more empowered and less like an object. I used to worry so much about how I looked because my main goal was to please my [now ex-] boyfriend's desires. If I looked good, he would value me more and I'd be more precious...basically I was a piece of meat trying to marinade myself enough so that when I was eaten, I'd be ohhhh so flavorful and he'd keep coming back to me. NOT "EQUALITY".

2. Secondly, with abstinence comes no worries! We don't have to live in constant fear of missed menstruation (...pregnancy), STDs, or the feeling of being used after the guy loses interest. (which my ex-bf was notorious for around school, glad I found Jesus before I joined the others). I know of family and friends who alwayssss used protection and still had babies (sometimes twins) and there was always that grave expression on their faces when they told us the news. Why would anyone want to put themselves through that if they do not want a baby?

3. Thirdly, I feel more human. I read an article that a women did not breastfeed her child because breasts "are for sex". Ummm....Come again? Let's get scientific here-breasts are for feeding our young that is what GOD intended, but for those who still insist that God does not exist, biology/nature (*cough* God's plan *cough*) also reiterates this. So why then does this woman believe these organs are for pleasure? BECAUSE OF THE MEDIA. Because of the sexualized world we live in. Because of people like Lady Gaga who desensitize us at a young age to sex, drugs, and immorality, telling us it is OK and then we soon find out how not OK it really is-mentally, spiritually, and physically.

So please world, do not think we believers are being oppressed. And since you're always preaching "tolerance" (normally at us, since we have this label of intolerance on our foreheads) why can you not reciprocate that favor and tolerate our lifestyle and choice?
Please back off a bit.
Peace always!


Daughter of the King said...

I hadn't heard about that Lady Gaga video/song....but I am NOT a fan of hers anyway. I usually refer to Lady Gaga as "Not So Lady Like, Gag-gag." This was a really great post.....agreed that this world is desensitized in seeing that waiting to have sex until after marriage is what is best for us all, and is God's plan for His children!

SuzanneDeAZ said...

I have briefly seen lady ga ga on tv commercials and was not impressed. However, my sister thinks he is just great being she does not believe in sex outside of marriage. I think even if she believes this she is giving the kids a bad message. I told my great niece when she asked me what I thought of her I said she was too "worldly" and she just had no concept of what I meant. I wish her mother was alive as she would have taught her what it is to be worldly minded. Her mom died of breat cancer and my sister is now raising her granddaughters. My sister claims to be a christian but she has a different world view than I have in many matters.

جيسي فهد said...

So glad to read a post about this : )

I know A LOT about the media/satan/and the government.
They're all connected.The government/mass media is following Satan (trust me). They then spread this through media. Movies, music, art etc. So that people "sub-conciously" follow.
Because Lady Gaga is such a "idol" to people, they will follow what she does. Exactly what Satan wants. Wants us to all move away from our faith in God.
Now there are tons of governmental symbols in this video. Do you notice at the first the Jewish star and Pyramid? These symbols are everywhere in the media and are symbols of the Antichrist (I won't go in depth-just research it ;D). This whole purpose of the video is alll anti religion. The media mind controls children and Satan wins with sex, confusion, and religion bashing. It's alllll to corrupt our world even more than it already is!
(My resource is from , I'd recommend watching "The Arrivals" in videos. My dear you will be SHOCKED!)

About being oppressed ... people just need an excuse to hate and pursue their own desires. Why the heck would a religious women preach her religion if she were oppressed :S ? It's such a foolish accusation. Even with Muslim women. They are proud of their Hijabs and prefer to be covered then running around like "free" sluts.