Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bon Anniversaire!

Today is the Liturgical celebration of the Virgin Mary's birth. I read up on it today since many of the Catholic blogs I follow posted on the topic. I know this may not seem impressive to many Protestants, but the tradition began in the 6th and 7th centuries. That's an insanely long time ago!! And while I always knew the Church is 2,000 years old, it's so amazing to really think of the countless generations who celebrated, attended the same mass, and prayed almost the same way Catholics do today. Their traditions unite the faithful throughout history. That gives me the chills! In a good way haha

While this day was most likely not Mary's birthday, it's still a great way to honor the mother of our Lord. I don't think it's idolatrous because we celebrate family members' birthdays every month, and as the united Body of Christ, Mary is family. Spiritually. To all those who love her Son. I wish I had been taught these things in Sunday school, these are the days that really make the faith uniting. If I am to stay Catholic, I would definitely keep days like this with my future family. I read on one blog how they make a cake every year on this day in blue and white to symbolize the purity and life of Mary. This is an inspiring tradition for young girls...to have Mary as a figure to strive to mimic and appreciate instead of Paris Hilton. haha...well of course, silly comment.

I read somewhere today that in celebrating Mary's birth, we are celebrating the switch from the Old Testament to the New...the time when YHVH chose to dwell in humankind. Not only in the literal sense of Mary's womb, but the Holy Spirit in us. That's amazing!

So Happy Birthday Mary, through your agonizing choice, my salvation was achieved. Baruch HaShem for her strength and trust in the Lord's will...I have trouble keeping a covering on my head and she accepted conceiving a child out of wedlock, during an age when the penalty was death. Although that was not a threat she needed to worry about, the ridicule and criticisms must have been torutre...I know how my faith is persecuted...her's must have been 10x worse.

Shalom to all!


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Nice post. My mom's family was originally Catholic, but we grew up Baptist. I have never experienced most of the Catholic traditions firsthand, but I like your perspective on this one. I think that studying the Judaism and Islam has given me more appreciation for older Christian traditions as well.

~Joseph the Worker said...

Nice post for our Blessed Mother.