Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Praise YHVH I'm a Catholic

So today is trashed Tuesday at school...which means a lot of students get drunk since not many of us have Wednesday classes. Outside my room (in the common room) my room mate's friends are here to party, and I all can hear is slurping and burping. yuck! lol and thus I Praise Yah I am free from that; I can sit safely here in my room!

I cannot imagine my life any other way...

I love waking up and putting on any outfit I please; knowing my figure is concealed. Knowing that I don't have to please the lust and desires of men. Knowing that I can workout to be healthy and not over-do so I can look good in a bikini. (you would be surprised to learn how many HOURS girls work out here!) Knowing my body is a temple and I don't have to and am prohibited from intoxicating myself and abusing the body that has been lent to me by YHVH Himself. And lastly, but most importantly, knowing I am forgiven for all the times I happen to slip up. I see so much hurt in my friends sometimes...they say they "know" God has abandonded them and thus why not live recklessly?

I try so hard to convince them otherwise, but what they truly need is a little faith of their own. Sometimes we can be so deep in sin and so far in Satan's hands that salvation seems unattainable and we are undeserving anyways. Which we are, but we have the Greatest Love, the Love that Saves. I wish my words could convey this to them...to let them know they are as free as me. A freedom only felt when you relinquish sin and control and cling to the robes of the Lord.

I hope you all are enjoying the coming of September. God is so great to have sustained us to this season, and I am so truly thankful! I see my life surrounded by blessings and I see how far I have come spiritually...How wonderful Yah is!

Mark 9:23
"'If you can'?" said Jesus. "Everything is possible for him who believes."

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Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I think you see both extremes in cultural Christians. Some don't understand the meaning of repentance, so they live crazy just believing that they will be forgiven. Others feel that they have done too much and thus can't be forgiven, but I think that the problem ultimately lies with them not understanding what forgiveness or repentance truly are.