Friday, December 25, 2009

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

I hope you all are having an amazing and blessed Christmas day! (And a nice day in general to the non-Christians and the non-Christmas Christians.) I was looking forward to just giving my family their gifts to show how appreciative I was for all they have done for me this year and visiting with the extended family. However my greatest joy came from spending time in meditation with the Lord Himself. In mass yesterday I had such a hard time concentrating with all the children running around and crying, the priest was almost yelling into his microphone. But when I just looked to the ground, listened closely to the words being spoken, and thought about the meaning and importance of this day, the memorial of the birth of Christ over 2,000 years ago, I was filled with emotion. I was worried I had lost that spark that I had had when I was a young child meditating on the birth of Yeshua, but YHVH has blessed me still and allowed me to know Him with the faith of a trusting child. Christ, though His birth occurred on whatever day thousands of years ago is still present to each and every Christian .

It is important to observe, or at least ponder, because God has given us this great miracle and mystery. I was thinking in Church that there was once a tiny baby that was fully human and fully divine...did he have thoughts that normal babies don't have? Did he have the mind of God? No...he couldn't...he was experiencing a fully human life. But then how does that make sense? Does that disprove the faith althogether because so many people leave Christianity for this very reason. "I never understood the trinity or Jesus and so I found this faith that laid it all out EASILY and I UNDERSTOOD it 100%!" While I think God wants us to know Him...He doesn't give us ALL the answers. There are some things we don't's a mystery...and that's ok because that is how He created it. Do you actually think us humans, who have barely scratched the surface of science and the physical world and it's components, can fully comprehend the Creator Himself? Do you really think faith can be fully understood by our limited minds? No way! Not in a million years! ;)

I am finally at peace with not being able to explain all the mysteries of the Lord. They are called mysteries for a reason, and our time in the rosary gives us a chance to ponder and glorify God for being so complex. Our inability to understand forces us to trust in Him and his creation and His entire plan in our lives. We cannot understand ourselves, we need Him. So when you celebrate today, and perhaps up until the Epiphany, think of that child born in a manger in Bethlehem and how much of a conundrum His tiny life was and still is. (I get teary eyed just writing this! baruch HaShem :D) Thank and glorify God for allowing you to "get it", but not totally. Praise Him for coming to us and allowing us to receive Him! And Honor Him for loving us so much that He would eventually suffer incomprehensible pain and sacrifice His pure blood for sinners. Glory be to YHVH!

*Merry Christmas and Bon Anniversaire Jesu
Many blessings to each reader :)

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