Friday, March 5, 2010

A Prostestant MUST READ! On Mary & the Saints

A blog I subscribe to called Canterbury Tales by Taylor Marshall created a post about Mary being the Coredemptrix. The title hit me and I knew I had to read it, especially after some worries being mentioned about Mary and the saints. He really hits the nail on the head on what I have been trying to convey...but not doing such a great job myself, I'm sure you will understand Catholic doctrine better by getting these often misunderstood points & definitions.

He explains:
"[Incidentally, the distinction between "absolute" and "relative" is essential to the Catholic doctrine of prayer and mediation. Christ is the absolute mediator between God and mankind since His both fully divine and fully human. However, all baptized humans are relative intercessors in that we can pray for one another by participating the mediation of Christ. His mediation is absolute. Our mediation and that of the saints is relative to His.]"



~Joseph the Worker said...

Nice find!

caraboska said...

You must be joking. I have spent so much time explaining all of this stuff here and elsewhere. I will say it one last time: Jesus is our ONLY mediator and advocate. What is there not to understand about that? I am going to hold fast to what the Bible says, and I would strongly recommend that for your own spiritual welfare - not to mention respect for God - you pay more attention to the Bible and make it your measure of all things, rather than tradition. I do not see any good coming of the line of thinking I have been seeing here lately.

R.A.~ said...

And that is what the article says caraboska...It's explains why it is alright to ask an alive human to "pray for you" and the saint part only makes sense if you are open to learning the Catholic faith.

I feel you simply do not want to hear the Church's stance and will not accept any explanation as to why things are done differently.

I believe I met you on a muslim blog, and you had nothing but positive comment toward them...even though they do not even acknowledge Jesus in the proper way. I was just like you & had the same sentiments toward Catholicism; I just didn't want to hear it! But when I came to school, I decided to research and simply learn & UNDERSTAND this faith and from it, I cannot find any of the accusations I once slandered her (the church) with.

I do respect God and I am a little hurt that you're saying these things. No matter what you claim "you know" about the RCC, you don't. You haven't given it the time of day and TRULY studied it to make the comments you make. I pray that if nothing else, you come around to accepting Christianity in all its forms...we are ALL on different spiritual journeys and at different stages...putting someone's faith down as 'paganism' is not beneficial to anyone.

caraboska said...

Perhaps I was being a bit trollish here. I have not studied Catholicism in exhaustive detail because my over 30 years of studying of the Bible - including the New Testament in the original language - have led me to believe that the Bible is all I need as my rule of faith and practice. I admit to having found your blog interesting for its willingness (at least initially) to go outside tradition. And now I see you returning to it. Before I close this post, let me say that I am far from uncritical of Islam. Evidently you have not read my posts on Hijab Chic, Ink Blots and Blue Abayas, etc. lately. Almost every post I have to begin with 'At the risk of sounding like a troll...' But to return to our interactions per se, it is most grievous to me to be surrounded by people with whom I am in no way able to communicate. I wish I could, but in some cases it's just impossible. I'm afraid this is turning out to be one of them. I think it's best that I not bother trying anymore. No good seems to be coming of it. I may duck in from time to time to see how you are getting on, but probably I won't be writing anymore. No doubt there are people on this blog who will be happy to hear that. All I will say to that is, 'God is God; He will do what He will.'

R.A.~ said...

I was afraid you were going to say that...I know my blog has taken a turn, but it follows my initial intentions. To find God's truth no matter where it may lead me. I have been on this journey for around 6 years believe it or not and I have this instinctive feeling that I am where I need to be. For the first time I am somewhere peaceful and I never had this certainty in my soul before.

I never meant to say "all tradition is wrong". In fact when I was Messianic, I followed Jewish tradition...tradition is not something to fear. I'm sorry if my blog is no longer what you wanted it to be...I still love the Jewish tradition (and I have posts on passover coming up) but I don't feel bound by the 613 mitzvot anymore. I actually read through leviticus and deut. and I was relieved I don't have to keep the law! It's a hard read.

I don't think anyone here is angry with your opinions on scripture, but just don't attack the faith. I am happy we all have the freedom to practice how we want...bottom line, when we have Jesus, we have salvation. Nothing can change that, so why fight over minor things?

Peace always,
I do hope you stay around, but if you feel like you MUST leave...
I really enjoy your presence on this blog!