Saturday, August 1, 2009

A day of headcovering

So yesterday was kind of a big moment for me. I made my first step towards headcovering in public! My family doesn't really even approve of the level of modesty I hold myself to, so I didn't exactly explain why I was wearing this scarf. They thought it was just an accessory and seemed to like it. Anyways, I always heard that Muslim women get stared at a lot in public, but I never thought it would happen to me...on this day, because my scarf was not half as big and it kind of matched my clothes. It looked like this:

Now it wasn't like people were looking at me continuously, but I got stares here and there. Especially at dinner. haha. This girl next to me could not stop. Even when I caught her, she would still be looking me up and down. It reminded me of the other day when I was wearing a maxi dress with a shirt under it and these 2 women who were dressed in barely-there tank tops and tight spandex pants gave me the "I'm judging you" eye. Uncomfortable moment, but I lived. I hope this modesty stuff gets easier! I have realized though that recently I haven't been falling into my old mindset when it comes to fashion of trying to impress others, especially guys. I feel like my mind is being covered as well ;)


Cecilia said...

oh the headcoveringthing and the coveringting overall is not easy.
I have covered myself completley (except fot the hijab) for almost a year and yeah people look. like 'why the long skirt?' and in the summer: 'why the longarmed shirts?'
yeah you can´t do much about that. if you don´t wnat them to stare well wear bikini... LoL yeah western people... is all I can say!
stay strong there are more of us out there!!

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Yeah Cecilia is right. They will keep staring and asking questions, but it gets easier. I think that you get thick-skinned, plus you'll know what to say because they always ask the same things.

~Joseph the Worker said...

Don't worry about that. A lot of people stare at others for the wrong reason, but a lot also stare and learn an important lesson when they go to find out why!

Yasemin said...

It's never easy and May it become easier for you sweetie! You look so beautiful in this simple covering and as you go on, be assured that you will get used to it. Love you very much!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your newest step in the journey of modesty, little sister! It does takes courage to go against the flow, doesn't it? I admire your drive because I didn't walk with God when I was in high school, or college for that matter.

I wanted to commend you too on your knowledge on this whole legalism thing. Because Christianity is based on God's grace and mercy and not by works, we tend to forget that God does ask other things of us! You will find a great blessing in being obedient to what God has impressed upon your heart to do. Go girl!

God does know that your heart desires Him, and if you seek Him diligently - you will find Him! Keep pressing on. God will sustain you, and you have plenty of fans rooting for you!