Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Layout!

Happy First Day of Advent!
I put up a new layout for the holiday season...surprisingly there weren't many to choose from. But this one is nice :) I'll be going back to school for two more weeks for finals and then I have a very longggg Christmas break. I will, however, be missing three nights of Hanukkah! I'm a little upset, because we cannot light candles in the dorms and I have no way to make latkes, but I'll have 5 more nights to catch up :) I love how my Catholic Bible has the maccabee scripture too...So I'll have at least some holiday joy/comfort during my stressful exam week!

I'll be posting again soon, but I'll leave you with this video now...

May YHVH bless you all this holiday season, whether you celebrate Advent/Christmas,
or Hanukkah. Or Kwanzaa! & I hope those who celebrate had a nice Eid!
Peace to everyone,


Mama Kalila said...

Love the layout... I've found a ton of cute Christmas ones, but I dont want to lose my links lol. I've been having fun using them on my other blog though.

And yes gotta love the Maccabees.

Ahavah-Shim'on said...

how bout investing in some battery operated candles?