Sunday, May 30, 2010

Catholic Definitions?

Ok so you hear it EVERYWHERE in Christian/Catholic circles: Charity. But what the heck does this word truly mean for the Christian person?

From what I gather online...the religious definition of the word is going out of one's way to be kind/patient/loving etc for the sake of God. Is this somewhat correct? I was a little delighted to find this definition because it helps me IMMENSELY in my walk to become a more patient and compassionate person (as I said I was working on in my last post). When I want to just yell or make a comment out of frustration at times, I just think of Jesus and offering up this moment of discomfort for Him and His glory. I cannot think of a more easy and satisfying way to please God with my character and "virtues" than by practicing them for His sake! Changing my ways is much simpler when done for God.

If my understanding is wrong, please correct me because it has been challenging finding a website defining this word.
Peace be with you all!

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