Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Eternal Hell

I kind of researched my last post more in-depth today. I've felt truly grieved over the reality of an eternal place of damnation for those who do not accept Christ, but this website put it in a light I have never thought of before.

Click Here for the site if you're interested. I'm in a weird phase in my life at the moment as I am living with a few thousand young adults hailing from all sorts of backgrounds and lifestyles. The more I am allowing myself to look past the sin and love, the more I am exposed to their "ways"...I think they see my changes as me being open to experimenting, but I'm not. It's tempting sometimes to partake in their fun just because living the way I have been is l.o.n.e.l.y and I have so many memories from my past...it's probably not the best thing to allow myself to reminisce about, but I do sometimes.

I think I'm craving some sort of adventure...I just don't know where to find it. I also hateeee when I hear the same reactions people have about me: "you don't drink/smoke? you don't party? you won't hook up?....what do you do?" And I know none of those things would satisfy me short term or long term, but I am certain my life now is vanilla and only getting more bland by the second. These are supposed to be the most exciting and memorable years of my life (so I hear...) and so far, I cannot tell you one stand out moment or activity I have participated in. Clubs are not exciting, parties are not fun, and sitting home all night is utterly unbearable.

Please pray for me, I'll be keeping you all in my prayers
for a hopefully blessed and spiritually fulfilling week :)


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Aww I will be praying for you.
You just need some more interesting friends to spend some time with.
Maybe you need a part time job. I always worked around 20hrs while going to school and had a blast. My job cleaning toilets on campus wasn't that glamorous, but I did get to meet a lot of people in the dorms. My next job was where I met all the Somalis, so it will always have a special place in my heart. Maybe making some friends that aren't typical partying college students will help. Try for friends that are either older or aren't Americans. Just my 2 cents.
God bless!

deltaflute said...

I know very tacky on my part, but as soon as I read your blog this popped in my mind for humor.

Adam Ant-Goody Two Shoes

Goody two goody two goody goody two shoes
Goody two goody two goody goody two shoes

Don't drink don't smoke - what do you do?
Don't drink don't smoke - what do you do?
Subtle innuendos follow
There must be something inside

Ah, I could have been worse. It could have been Billy Joel's Virginia.

Don't sweat it. Everyone at some point has been told that they are a goody two shoes. I barely drink and never smoked a thing in my life. And now long out of college, I realize that I'm not the only one. It just seems such the norm during college, but trust me it isn't. I'll pray that you find a good friend who you will find similarities with. It will help ease the burden. It did for me. But it took my junior year for me to meet her.

Lucy said...

I've been through all that.To be honest I find it many amusing.A flatmate once told me that I had a dull life and that stung.Another time I met an 12 year who asked me if I drank, went to niteclubs and smoked.When I said no I didn't she looked at me with sorrow and asked me what exactly did I do for amusement.My mom and I had a good giggle about it.

Have you tried secular clubs (craft, language)? People there would see you as normal as them.