Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I don't know how many of you watch EWTN, but late at night they have a program for young adults & teens about purity, modesty, sexuality and how it applies to the Catholic faith (and really to any Christian!) One of the hosts, Jason Evert, has a little clip on youtube about modesty I thought was spot on ;)



caraboska said...

Where does he get the idea that a girl isn't going to be checking out his cute legs if he walks around in shorts, or his cute chest if he (God forbid) walks around shirtless??? Do we even live on the same planet?

R.A.~ said...

I know I am not turned on when I see a man's bare leg. The shirt thing is different...but even then I wouldn't single out a guy for that. He isn't saying women are the only ones who should practice modesty, but he's saying how visual men are. Women tend to look for other qualities in a mate whereas men are tempted by what they see.

caraboska said...

R.A. Evidently you're not a leg woman. I happen to like a nicely-turned pair of gams myself. But actually, my big turn-on is friendship. Apparently, I take after my father not only in appearance and brain function, but in this matter as well. And I like guys who are like me. And there are so few of those that if I did nothing but interview men, two hours apiece, it'd take me at least three lifetimes to find the right one. Better to just trust in the Lord to bring the right one to me at the right time, and in the meantime be content with the life I have, because unlike me, God can see everything about every person in the world all at once :D